MeeGo For Nokia N900, Coming This Month

Nokia’s  Nokia’s Valtteri Halla has recently announced that Nokia and Intel will launch the MeeGo code repository sometime in this month. The new and improved OS devised by Nokia and Intel, combines the best features of Maemo and Moblin. This makes the device suitable for running on low power mobile devices. The MeeGo OS will support both the ARM and x86 architecture.  On this merge, Valtteri Halla says,

Once we just get going the objective is to have all of the MeeGo platform work fully in public. During the last few years both Nokia and Intel have learned that the success of Moblin and Maemo R&D mode fundamentally comes from the Open Source way of openness and MeeGo is a huge further commitment on this path

This step can have unpredictable results. The merge of two technologies follows the merge of two user bases, two developer communities and some hardware concerns. The source code once released, will be available for Nokia N900 and some basic atom powered devices. This gives MeeGo a good start.

Experts believe that the MeeGo project if successful, will make major changes in the current mobile world scenario. MeeGo has much better features than Android and the MeeGo development process is open unlike that of Android. With so many mobile Linux initiatives promising things, the ones that deliver will stand out.

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