Chrome, Safari and Opera Gain Market Share at the Expense of Internet Explorer and Firefox

Earlier today, Net Applications published the monthly summary of browser and operating system market share reports. The biggest news is that Chrome has managed to overtake Safari. Chrome jumped from 3.93% to 4.63%. Opera and Safari also managed minor gains in market share. On the other hand, Microsoft Internet Explorer continued to bleed. Even Firefox saw its percentage drop by 0.11 points.

Browser Market Share in November
Browser Market Share in December

Mobile browsing continued to display strong growth and now accounts for 1.3% of all browsing. Both Windows and Mac devices lost market share, while all major mobile operating systems gained. This indicates a general tendency to browser more from mobile devices, irrespective of the platform. Android was the biggest gainer in December with 54.8% growth. Blackberry and iPhone managed to grow by 22.2% and 20.1% respectively.

Mobile OS Market Share in December (source)

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