Mark Zuckerberg: Google is Trying to Build Their Little Version Of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg: Google is Trying to Build Their Little Version Of Facebook

Without any doubt, Google Plus is heavily influenced from Facebook in every nook and cranny. I might sound rude to all Google fans, but there is no denying in the fact that every feature in Google Plus has been lifted directly from Facebook. I have this feeling that Google deliberately handpicked all the features Facebook provides so that existing socialusers can feel at home.

Unlike their previous failed attempts on getting into the social business, Google decided to go blindfold this time. There is nothing Newin Google Plus, lets do some fact checking first:


Google Plus

In their own wordsFacebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.
User basePeoplePeople
PlatformWeb, MobileWeb, Mobile
Interest GenerationLike ButtonThe Plus One Button
Social IntegrationSharing content from third party apps/sites: YESPartially implemented.. Work in Progress
Friend ListsCircles
News FeedGoogle Plus Stream
Interactive conversations, comments: YESInteractive conversations, comments: YES
Facebook video chatGoogle Plus Hangouts
Instant MessagingGoogle Plus chat with Gmail contacts
No Fancy name here but you can use Group chat in FacebookGoogle Plus Huddles
Facebook Fan PagesGoogle Plus Brand Pages
User InterfaceBoth have similar layouts
GamesYesNot as big but Yes.

Sure there are minor differences in the layout and usability but the similarities in core features are quite striking.

In an interview to acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist, Charlie Rose, Mark Zuckerberg said that Google is trying to build their little version of Facebook. Here is a brief preview of the Interview from Charlie Rose’s YouTube channel:

In the next 10 years, will we witness a blatant war between major Tech companies in Silicon valley?, Charlie begins the interview session.

There are a lot of ways in which these companies act together, I don’t think that this is going to be the type of situation where there’s one company that wins all the stuff, Zuckerberg remarks.

One company that wins all the stuff.


Which is that one company which has spread its empire to everyone’s life in the past decade?   Which is that one company which has a diverse range of FREEproducts, used by millions of people every single day, no matter what languages they speak, what technologies they use and which geographical region they are currently living. (I am not taking any names)

Further down the interview, Charlie says you’re already getting in each other’s businesses.

Well, you can’t really blame him. Facebook is not getting into “search” any sooner,they are still doing what they were doing 8 years ago – connecting the people.

You know, Google, I think, in some ways, is more competitive and certainly is trying to build their own little version of Facebook. When I look at Amazon and Apple and I see companies who are extremely aligned with us, right? And we have a lot of conversations with people at both companies, just trying to figure out ways that we can do more together, and there is just a lot of reception there. If you are Amazon, one of the key strategies is to sell kindles, so that you can sell more things. If you’re Apple, a big part of your strategy is to sell devices because that’s how you make money. If you’re Google, they want to get Android as widely adopted as possible.

Zuckerberg continues, Our goal is to make sure people can connect with each other, no matter what devices they are using. At this point Sheryl Sandberg intervenes We are focused on doing one thing incredibly well. If you look at other companies, they are doing lots of different things but we’re still, as we grow, doing exactly one thing.

40 Million global users within 3 months of its launch is no joke. Everyone, including Facebook, is aware of the fact that this is a numbers game. When you have all the top players on one side of the fence, the crowdwill switch in no time.

Remember MySpace? They used to be popular just like Facebook. But then, someone came, took the idea, developed it and released an advanced prototype. The social revolution, happened.

Now someone else is coming to unite the power of algorithms and the power of people, together under one umbrella. Only time will tell the outcome; we   will remain spectators of the game we are seldom a part of.

Meanwhile, the following comic makes sense?


Thank you Liz Gannes for sharing the full transcript of the above interview

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