Marissa Mayer Resigns as Head of Search, Now Heading Location and Local Services

Google is defined by one primary product: its Google Search. Undoubtedly, the most important face and persona at Google, therefore is the one who heads the search team. Marissa Mayer has been the head of the Search team and has held the position of Vice President of Search Products from the birth of Google.


Marissa, who was the first female engineer at Google and has been extremely popular (notorious sometimes) for her micromanagement skills. However, recently, she will change over to the head of Location and Local Services and will no longer head the Search team.

Google puts this change in role as,

Marissa has made an amazing contribution on search over the last decade, and we’re excited about her input in this new area in the decade ahead.

While others see this as a demotion for Marissa, I think this is another big challenge. Marissa has established Google Search as the brand name in this business and as evident from the current trend, the next big thing is Location and Social services. Given her experience and skills, Marissa is the most deserving candidate to manage this venture and pave the path for yet another Google success story.

The initial coverage on this change was done  by Bloomberg. Mayer is credited with introducing over 100 features to Google Search and we expect to see the same growth with her now position.

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