Macbook Pro Pricing Speculations Doing The Rounds? $899? [Leaked Macbook Pro Images]

Engadget posted some pictures today of the new Macbook Pro, which like always should be the real ones. There have been quite a lot of missing features though, like the missing mouse button, no Firewire? But there may also be a inclusion of two Nvidia GPUs.


Interestingly Engadget is speculating the price at $899, though that may not be entirely true, so don’t hold your breath until you hear it officially from Steve Jobs, later today.


The AppleInsider though has some more detailed pricing on the latest Apple wonder, and it seems like $899 will be the price of the display inventory and not the Apple Macbook Pro after all, here are some pricing details according to AppleInsider.

MB382LL/A $899.00 (K29) (could be the display)
MB466LL/A $1,299.00 (M97) (could be Macbook)
MB467LL/A $1,599.00 (M97) (could be Macbook)
MB543LL/A $1,799.00 (M96) (could be Macbook Air)
MB940LL/A $2,499.00 (M96) (could be Macbook Air)
MB470LL/A $1,999.00 (M98) (could be 15-inch Macbook Pro)
MB471LL/A $2,499.00 (M98) (could be 15-inch Macbook Pro)
MB766LL/A $2,799.00 (M88) (could be 15- or 17-inch Macbook Pro)

Well only time (few more hours) will tell what the reality is. So are you geared up to see Steve Jobs unveil the latest Macbooks and listen intently as he mumbles the magic number you will have to shell to get your hands on the latest Apple product?

Image Credits Engadget

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