Mac Sales Surge Despite Declining European PC Market

Apple’s doomed! Mac sales are doomed! PCs are winning, remember!? Ha! Well this report states quite the opposite. Today, a new report from Gartner  reveals an interesting fact about Q3 Mac sales in Europe.

The report reveals that despite double-digit declines in Western Europe’s PC market during the third quarter, Mac sales increased by 20%, which helped Apple to break into the top 5 vendors for unit shipments. You know what’s funny? Even though Apple’s not the number 1 vendor, the company is still making more money per Mac sold over PC vendors because Apple makes their own hardware and software.

In fact, Apple and ASUS were the only two major PC makers to show growth in Western Europe during Q3 2011  as the region’s overall sales fell 11.4% year-to-year. Shipments only reached 14.8 million units. That’s cool, but you know what’s even better?  Mac sales reached 947,000 units, growing by 19.6% from last year and claiming a 1.9% rise in overall market share. Holy cow! A 19.6% increase in Mac sales. Clearly, everyone wants a PC in Europe. Mac sales ended the quarter with 7.6% of the Western European PC market which includes the UK, France and Germany.

Last quarter, the region also saw a decline in mobile-PC sales by 12.6%.  Contrasting the decline was Apple, as the company’s MacBook sales increased by 28%, seeing growth in both the consumer and professional markets.

The share of mini-notebooks continues to decline, which contributed to the weak year-on-year comparison. Moreover, the consumer PC markets in Western Europe remained essentially weak, with consumer confidence permanently shaken by the economic issues spreading across most of the region,

I think Apple’s success in the mobile PC market (dang it Gartner! Give iPad its own category) can be attributed to the booming demand for non-PC products like the iPhone and iPad. It will be interesting to see how much quicker Mac sales will grow in the near future.

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