Mac OS X Install Base Grows to over 6% Worldwide, 13% in the US

New data from NetMarketShare reveals that Mac OS X has been steadily growing the global charge. In May, OS X’s share rose from 5.6% to 5.67% and 5.96% in June and July, separately. By the end of the last month, it had reached 6.03% worldwide and 13.42% in the US.

In the meantime, combined versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS continued to lead the worldwide market with a 92.90% share at the end of August. Linux had 1.07% putting it in third place.

Apple’s latest desktop operating system, OS X Lion, already accounts for 1.03% share  of the overall market compared to 1.17% for Leopard and 3.46% for Snow Leopard. These figures are based on a sample of 160 million internet visitors that Net Applications says it tracks. In addition, Leopard and Snow Leopard’s marketshare dropped from 1.24% and 4% as users upgraded to Lion. Mac OS X’s combined share still rose still rose from 5.96% to 6.03% due to the sales of the new Mac models.

NetMarketShare Mac 3

Lion’s adoption among consumers has significantly improved when compared with the Snow Leopard upgrade.  The latter claimed just 0.78% share after its first month and passed 1% only during its second month of sales, despite being priced, like Lion, at $29.99.

A day after Apple released OS X Lion, the company announced that it had sold 1 million copies of the software,  making it the most successful operating system launch in its history.

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