The Only Good That Came out of Lulzsec- Good Publicity for CloudFlare

Over the last few months, LulzSec has ransacked through the Internet causing mayhem. They started out with some bright zeal but their downfall was full of pathos. As time went by, it became clearer- they were a group of immature hacktivists who will lay their hands on just about anything. At the end,  their Lulz boat hit rock and this caused their hasty exit. Long story short, their disoriented nature brought upon them a sense of aimlessness.


This debacle might result in stringent laws that would curb many freedoms people enjoy online. However, in the midst of all this fiasco, a company specializing in web caching and spam security got all the attention they ever needed. CloudFlare was the unsung passive hero in this LulzSec affair and it deserves applause here.

The  CloudFlare blog starts the story with,

Thursday, June 2, 2011 was an otherwise unremarkable day in our office until we got word that, a site that had quietly registered for CloudFlare earlier the same day, had allegedly published information it obtained from hacking the Sony Pictures’ website.

Within hours of the publication, we got notes from concerned individuals asking us to remove’s website.

CloudFlare gives excellent protection against spam. However, it has also resulted in additional benefits, like a drastic increase in website performance and massive bandwidth saving for many websites. Overall, CloudFlare is on hot wheels after the LulzSec affair. I am not highlighting LulzSec and its deeds in this post.  LulzSec has been ridiculed enough already! CloudFlare was questioned a lot on it providing service to the LulzSec website. What I am definitely advocating here is how CloudFlare handled the matter with utmost care  both at an administrative and at a technical level. Neither did they allow themselves to be bullied into censoring content they serve, nor was their network compromised after repeated attempts. Better still, they utilized the attempted hacks on them to define a  better ruleset. You can read all about in their official announcement.  Also, read  Netcraft’s analysis of CloudFlare traffic from this affair.

Here is an explanation of how CloudFlare takes your website to the very next level. You can catch the video at Vimeo here.

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