Editorial: LulzSec, AntiSec and Why the Internet is a Sadder Place Now

Next question: how are you so sure that these are the real names and addresses of LulzSec?. Good question, reader it is true that I cannot prove that these people were connected to LulzSec based on an anonymous pastebin text. However, I can prove by the method of induction that the d0xing was correct.

Case 1: On twitter: Monday release is being planned. We’re still here, fine sirs.. About six hours later, the 50 days of LulzSec announcement goes up.


Case 2: On torrents as found by redditor RobinHood21.


So it is safe to say that the LulzBoat decided to find the nearest harbor to crash into and scamper away once the infighting and bragging led to the release of their personal information. For the most part it was evident that the group did not know much about hacking at all, relying on script-kiddie methods of cracking a web server, and if that failed DDoS-ing the website to take it down in the name of lulz. What they have managed to do in all this mess is to let many companies cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

Instead of stalling the efforts of netsec companies and their exploitation in the name of security, LulzSec has strengthened netsec companies’ argument that anybody can use the exploits they release. Thus server owners should pay netsec companies to fix the exploit before they release it to the internet.

LulzSec has torn way too many holes than it knows how to fix, and by this time the FBI is on their tails. I think they made a pretty rational, but bumbling, move of shutting shop. The internet could   have done well without these faux hacktivists. The repercussions to these attacks would probably hit the members real hard. Let’s hope that the internet censorship debate does not take into account the actions of this idiotic group of hackers.

For all we know, these people are effectively destroying open internet, not the governments.

Hey LulzSec, GTFO, n00bs.



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