Look for the Options before you buy your next Printer Cartridge


InkJet Printer market is getting hotter day by day. The technology is rapidly advancing and the prices are dropping. Better and better printers are coming with lesser and lesser price tag. This requires extensive research and costs on the part of manufacturers. But these manufacturer prefer to sell the printers at virtually very little profit, sometimes even at a loss. You can easily get a shiny brand new Printer, just for the price of 2-3 Cartridges. But why ? Have you ever wondered how the InkJet Printer Manufacturers actually make money ?

The secret lies in the INK. Actually, this market is taking shape like a Mobile or Razor Blade market. Ink is like Gold for the manufacturers. They sell it like a proprietary items and spend thousands of pounds and dollars to propagate that if you do not use their branded printer cartridges, it will damage the printer itself. The presence of some spurious cartridge re-fillers, who take the empty cartridges and refill them, have made the situation worse.

But think about it. Are the high prices of Branded Ink Cartridges justified ? Is the underlying technology so advanced that a sustainable competition from good companies cannot come up, who make Cartridges of good quality. Then why the cartridge prices are so high ?

Actually, there are many companies, who offer cartridges of equally good quality at very low prices, and are progressing fast in this hot market. No, we are not talking about spurious manufacturers, who indulge in dubious activities of collecting empty cartridges, refilling them with low quality ink, and then selling it at discounts. But instead, those companies, who manufacture their own cartridges for the popular printers. They make high quality cartridges, with good quality inks, and provide excellent customer care. Thousands of satisfied companies and individuals are their regular customers, and just one phone call or web order is enough for them to get a cartridge delivered at their door step.


One such company is inkshop. They are UK based company and provide ink cartridges at prices that are 30-75% less than that of the name brands. You can have the cartridges of virtually all the popular brands here. They also take International orders and provide free delivery in the UK.

So, now on, be smart. Think a bit before your order for your next cartridge. Hop around, and you may be able to find an equally good quality, albeit a different brand, but at a much lesser price.

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