LongBets: Bet On Long Term Scientific Predictions

LongBets is an interesting community-driven website for people to make bets for long-term predictions that are accountable. The predictions have to be socially or scientifically important and have to be for a period of 2 years or longer.

People making predictions have to pay a $50 publishing fee and can then be taken up by any challenger. Other users can log in and vote for either the predictor or the challenger. Detailed listing of a bet also provides explanations/reasoning from both predictor and challenger and comments from regular users. Stakes on some bets are as high as $1 Million and duration as long as 30 years.

The website, though geared towards having fun and indulging in healthy discussions, also allows people to think outside the box and make bold predictions about the future in different fields. Another interesting fact is the group of people who make these bets. For example, the CTO of Microsoft Craig Mundee predicted that commercial planes will be pilotless by 2030, but the prediction was challenged by Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google.


  • Bet on long term predictions.
  • Read interesting predictions and points of views.
  • Read user comments or post your own.
  • Vote to side with the predictor or the challenger.

Visit LongBets @ LongBets.org

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