Shootin’ Hoops – London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Game

Shootin’ Hoops – London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Game

Yesterday’s Google Doodle was a massive hit. Many Internet users spent hours together to win three stars and get the best time in completing the 110-meter hurdles. Today, Google has added yet another interactive doodle on its homepage, and it looks like Google will be publishing more interactive doodles in the next few days.

Today’s doodle is a basketball game (shooting hoops), which is published in order to celebrate the upcoming men’s basketball quarterfinal games in the London Olympics 2012. This is the thirteenth doodle, and the second interactive doodle, posted by Google during the ongoing London 2012 Olympics.

Google Doodle London 2012 Basketball

How to Play the London 2012 Google Doodle Basketball Game

In the Basketball Google Doodle, you need to aim and shoot as many basketballs into the hoops as possible in under 24 seconds. The controls are quite simple. You need to use the space bar key to set the shot, and pressing it again will shoot the ball towards the basket. You can also make use of mouse buttons to click and shoot. For best results, give a break between each click, or if you’re using space bar, the longer you hold space bar the further he throws.

When you reach 8 points, you will notice that the player moves far from the basket. This happens again when you reach 18 points. As the player continues to move back and reaches the three-pointer position, every successful basket thereafter will be awarded three points.

This is currently the best way to waste your time. Make sure you don’t get caught while playing during office hours ;) Go ahead and try your best, and don’t forget to mention your score below.

Watch this video to see how you can try scoring 39 points:

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  • Adam

    took me almost haf an hour to get 36 points and 3 stars
    in todays bad world economic situation not really good step launching even few such a doodles
    you understand that effect on people productivity is massive

  • mikhaela

    I got 37 three stars yay

  • Gee

    42pts – 3 medals

  • RandomShadow

    i got 36

  • leshiong

    I got 45 points. I think it will not go higher than that. :)

  • mln

    42 points

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  • Ajit Prajapati

    ya its true, I have tried too much and every time I got just 45 its not going more than that.

  • paolo nicoli

    i got a !50! SCORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    • david

      haha… This is false, cause after 8 point, the game sum 3 point… Then you don’t can to do 50 point, cause the right value is 51!!