Lockheed Martin Gets Into The Flash Drive Business – Introduces “PC On A Stick”

When you think of Lockheed Martin, you think of fighter planes, laser technologies and missile systems. However, that perception is about to change. Lockheed Martin just introduced their first flash drive called IronClad. The drive is manufactured by IronKey and is an innovative approach to secure portable computing since it would allow you to carry much more than your data.


Being termed as “PC on a stick“, IronClad would allow you to carry your operating system as well as all the applications along with your data so you can plug it in to any public computer and get access to your laptop. It is an excellent way for employees who travel or have to work from home to access all their stuff from any computer without compromising the security. It also comes with a built-in anti-virus to safeguard your data against any malware. Each IronClad device includes at least 8 GB of space and uses a 256 bit encryption technology to ensure the security of your data. The surface of the drive is reportedly water and shock resistant. Accompanied with an enterprise management software, the technology will make it easier to manage and control the cyber security profile for each drive.

The technology will be featured at the 13th Annual Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee Kickoff Technology Policy Exhibition on January 26th, 2010. Right now the drive and the enterprise software are available directly from Lockheed Martin.

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