LivingSocial Offers 50% Off Amazon Gift Card; Makes A Fortune Itself

Who does not love deals, specially on sites which already offer you the lowest possible prices. If you are an regular shopper at Amazon, you will love the deal on LivingSocial.

Amazon 50% Off Living Social Discount

Today’s deal is a 50% off deal on a 20$ Amazon gift card. Using the coupon you can buy anything worth $20 on Amazon for just $10, and the best part is that the coupon never expires.

Living Social was purchased by Amazon last year for $175 million, however, they are more than a profitable website. Take for example today’s deal. They have currently sold over 900,000 coupons. This amounts to roughly $9 million revenue in less than 12 hours, not a bad payday at all. The deal still has a run of around 14 hours, so they would roughly be able to sell around $15 million worth of coupons.

Also, this would mean additional sales for Amazon too since I doubt that people would only buy products worth $20 itself. So overall, this 50% Amazon deal is going to bring in a lot of revenue to Amazon in the next few months.

You can buy a 50% off Amazon coupon at

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