LinkedIn Turns 7 Year Old Today

LinkedIn didn’t gain much popularity until 3-4 years ago but it is a fact that this professional social network is older than most of the major sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. LinkedIn was officially launched on 5th May 2003 and here is a screenshot of how it looked back then:

Even though LinkedIn only has a little over 50 Million users compared to Facebook’s 500 Million, it is highly targeted towards professionals and offers much more serious networking opportunities. LinkedIn has an estimated valuation of over $1 Billion now which will only grow with time. One thing that might have kept LinkedIn’s growth sluggish for a while is lack of third-party apps and plugins to expand the network’s functionality. Something that helped Facebook and Twitter tremendously in achieving an exponential growth in their early years.

The news about 7th birthday was revealed by a Tweet from a senior LinkedIn executive, and was celebrated in the India office. What do you think about LinkedIn’s current direction and market position? Do you think Facebook might step over their boundry soon with a professional version?

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  • My first LinkedIn invite came from working professionals of the school alumni, the people adding recent pass-outs as a matter of form. However gradually undergrads in most professional courses have LInkedIn accounts, batchmates add each other. It gives a totally separate area for professional networking.

    After all, how many people would want to network with the boss when crazy pictures of your college capers sitting pretty in some Album (facebook)? LinkedIn is way more focused that way, and maybe the question is how it will reinvent itself to emerge as a leader in its own section of Web usage.

  • I got on LinkedIn as soon as it came out. Maybe a couple months after. I didn't use it for awhile and ended up using Facebook. Now, I'm seeing more benefits with LinkedIn and started using it more than Facebook.

  • Wow I didn’t realize that linkedin was worth so much. It is the best network for professionals to interact with each other. AruniRC makes a good point about how you wouldn’t want your business associates seeing all of your facebook photos.