LimeWire and RIAA: Join Hands to Search for LimeWire Pirated Edition

The RIAA made some big crackdown records this year. Though, going after LimeWire turned out to be a big loss for RIAA. So much of time and money spent after pleasing the recording media bosses went #fail. Shutting down of the LimeWire assets only resulted in the creation of a  pirated version of the popular peer-to-peer file sharing application over which, neither LimeWire nor the RIAA has any control whatsoever and users are drooling over.

Now, both RIAA and LimeWire are after MetaPirate, the company behind the forked pirated edition of LimeWire. As the story goes, the RIAA is directly accusing LimeWire for a second time on this. The RIAA writes,

Defendants have demonstrated clearly that they either will not or cannot do what the injunction commands.

The court has shut down the MetaPirate blog. Now, even if it is wants to fight the RIAA in court, this website’s owner has to reveal his/her identity first. That is something no one is willing to do and it is expected that the website will not come up in near future. However, the pirated version of LimeWire is available from other torrent sites.


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