LimeWire Forked Into A Pirated Edition. What Now RIAA?

The RIAA made a record win over the world of piracy by bringing down the popular P2P service LimeWire. As per the terms of the lawsuit, LimeWire was to shut down its complete operations and abiding by that, it did issue a cease-and-desist notice this Wednesday. However, a new (independent) pirated version of the application that goes by the name of LimeWire Pirate Edition has surfaced over the Internet.

The RIAA should understand that LimeWire is a company that is powered by its users. They will use anything and everything that is thrown their way (for file-sharing) and as long as it is an application that does just that, no one cares if it is from LimeWire or not. File-sharers are not as answerable to the law as LimeWire is being a company. The RIAA has created an even bigger problem for itself by bringing down LimeWire since, had this void not been there, there would not have been a pirated version over which they can have no control whatsoever.

The RIAA has responded on this matter saying,

It’s critical that LimeWire complies with the court-ordered injunction. We are monitoring the situation closely.

That can mean a couple of things starting with issuing another lawsuit on LimeWire and pleasing some more recording label bosses to ordering LimeWire to take care of the matter. The RIAA has endless antics and following this event, we will see some more of it soon.


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