LimeWire Alternatives Lands PCMag In RIAA Soup

The notorious RIAA is at it again, sending unwarranted notices to people just for the sake of it. It’s newest victim is none other than a popular technology website.

RIAA Sucks

According to, a recent article about Limewire Alternatives got them on the RIAA radar who sent them a letter saying that they were encouraging music piracy through that post.

Now writing articles about alternatives to a software is not illegal in any sense, it does not really say that you should go ahead an download software and then pirate music. Along with this, there are several sites which write about software including us with a disclaimer that people should be vary enough of legal laws in their country before using it.

RIAA has also accused PCMag of encouraging the new LimeWire Pirated edition which was being hunted down by both LimeWire and RIAA. PCMag has obviously shunned a request from the agencies to remove the post and have replied back to them saying that they will not stop covering things like this in future.

In 2008 RIAA had spent over $16 million to recover $0.391 million and I assume they will continue to recover much lesser thanks to such obnoxious claims.

So, how does this RIAA and PCMag case affect other website owners and publishers? Will website owners now have to adhere to governance by these agencies on what should be written and what should not be? I would be very interested to see where this heads as it will be an important step towards knowing whether or not freedom of speech or writing is neglected just because someone has a problem with things you write.

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