LimeWire Alternatives See a Download Surge After the RIAA Lawsuit Decision

LimeWire being thrown out of the file-sharing business was the biggest blow to this business and now, this has gotten other LimeWire alternatives worried as they are seeing a huge increase in popularity and download and will soon be as much of a threat as LimeWire was.

Earlier this week, LimeWire lost a case with the RIAA and was asked to shut down its entire operations by a NY district court. This fueled a search for that much-needed LimeWire alternative, as it was hardly a move to curb file sharing. Seemingly, the  RIAA is only interested in shelling out big bucks from file-sharing services for its customers.

MP3Rocket was worried by the proceedings of this case and revealed plans of re-branding their software and leaving the Gnutella network while talking to TorrentFreak. All this, because they are seeing a nice increase in traffic and have run into a threat zone now.

As obvious, BearShare, the only RIAA backed file-sharing client has received a 780% increase in traffic. However, they have not revealed any stats on the number of paid downloads.

BearShare was turned legal by the RIAA after it lost a lawsuit against them and was asked to pay $30 million. Survival was a better alternative for them.


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