LimeWire Alternatives See a Download Surge After the RIAA Lawsuit Decision

LimeWire being thrown out of the file-sharing business was the biggest blow to this business and now, this has gotten other LimeWire alternatives worried as they are seeing a huge increase in popularity and download and will soon be as much of a threat as LimeWire was.

Earlier this week, LimeWire lost a case with the RIAA and was asked to shut down its entire operations by a NY district court. This fueled a search for that much-needed LimeWire alternative, as it was hardly a move to curb file sharing. Seemingly, the  RIAA is only interested in shelling out big bucks from file-sharing services for its customers.

MP3Rocket was worried by the proceedings of this case and revealed plans of re-branding their software and leaving the Gnutella network while talking to TorrentFreak. All this, because they are seeing a nice increase in traffic and have run into a threat zone now.

As obvious, BearShare, the only RIAA backed file-sharing client has received a 780% increase in traffic. However, they have not revealed any stats on the number of paid downloads.

BearShare was turned legal by the RIAA after it lost a lawsuit against them and was asked to pay $30 million. Survival was a better alternative for them.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • RIAA is probably one of the most hated organizations around, but they are effective. Look at all the sites they’ve shut down, or transformed. Everyone sharing music files now worries about getting busted. I call that “effective”.

    They are slowly forcing their moral and legal outlook onto us whether we want it or not.

  • Slim Cognito

    The RIAA is a very hated organization, but they have never went after limewire before. Limewire knows the rules, if you buy a CD, you can give it to a friends to copy, and get it back, to give to another friend. its legal, but when you friends gives a copy to someone its piracy. And limewire has the power to just lock music limits meaning unless you go to the up loader then you cannot get a copy. And as for the RIAA, (they dont want people to know.) but they are also being held responsible for over 500,000 piracy charges, they shut down several legal sites which directly caused the people who used them to torrent and commit piracy. Hint why the boom of the “NO Piracy ads” in 2007.
    Even is limewire gets shutdown the system can still be tapped using a Unicode setup, i have a tetra-code setup that can get into limewire, bit-torrent, u-torrent, cobos , and many other file sharing networks. Plus if someone tried they could re-open limewire using a web formation, so if one branch gets shutdown, there will be over 100 thousand more to go after…

    I’m Rooting for you Lime Wire! Kick some RIAA butts!