Libya Crucifies the "Internet" Too; It Should Just Win a Nobel Prize

For the past few years I have been on social networking sites like and , there has been a trend. That trend has defined what social networking can do. No, it is not promoting advertisements, it is promoting real-life situations and revolutions all around the world and spreading news about disasters as quickly and efficiently as we could have imagined.

Google Search Libya Traffic Drop

In the past month or so there were revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, both these countries strangulated the Internet and it looks like Libya is doing the same now.

In the wake of the rising protests, the first thing these countries do is to cut-off their ties with the external world by cutting off the cord that allows them to breathe into it; these two include cutting off phone lines which are obvious and now the "Internet" which is the second biggest way for people to communicate with each other.

So is this justified? No, but there is no democracy anywhere. There have been blockages by the Governments of India and Pakistan who have banned websites for no reasons which do not call for these bans at all. These are countries which are purely democratic in nature.

It definitely hurts me that Countries target the internet because people can use it to post their views. Well we know how autocratic China is, but should each and every country be like them? Of course, I can’t say that Libya is a liberal country, but curtailing access to the Internet is not a justified way (and most likely sensible way) of killing protests across the board.

People around the world will find ways to know what you do, it does not matter whether you do or do not allow access to the Internet. People will also find ways to access blocked websites, whether or not you allow access to it. So stop acting like you are stopping a child from having candy, when they desire it so much.

If this does not stop, I bet that the Internet will go from being nominee for the Nobel Prize to actually winning it.

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