LG Launches 84-inch Ultra High Definition 3D TV in India

LG Electronics India launched its new 84-inch 3D TV in the country at the Stuff Gadget Show being held in Mumbai. The gigantic SmartTV flaunts a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), and sports the same bunch of cutting edge features that has made LG a leader in the 3D space.


LG is not the first to release a 4K TV; however, it is the world’s first to offer an 84 inch 3D television with a 4K display resolution. The enhanced resolution means that pixels are barely discernable even when viewed from a close distance. LG’s latest offering sports all of the swanky new features we saw in the previously released 2012 range of LG 3D TVs. This includes dual-play, smartshare plus, 2D to 3D conversion, and magic remote. Check out our previous coverage for a more in-depth look at each of these features.


LG utilizes polarized passive glasses for its 3D technology. This has enabled it to overcome one of the biggest pain points of 3D – picture quality. Even with the glasses, color reproduction and contrast is excellent. During my brief hands-on time, I didn’t notice any significant display artifacts. Viewing angles were also pretty good. In brief, when it comes to picture quality, LG’s 3D TV offers very little room for complaint. However, 3D viewing on the larger screen did appear to be more stressful for the eyes.


The biggest problem with an 84-inch 4k display is not something that LG can control – the lack of source material. HD content is rare, but Ultra HD is almost impossible to get. As far as I know, DTH service providers in India only offer 720p or 1080p streams. Presumably, LG will leverage the dual-core processor powering its 84-inch monster to upscale the content. However, I couldn’t test how well this works, since LG was not demoing any live television streams. One also has to wonder how well a 720p or 1080p 3D content will look on a display this big. However, these are the prices one has to pay for staying on the cutting-edge, and this beast from LG is certainly cutting-edge.

LG 84LM9600 will be available in select stores in the metros, and is being released with a MRP of Rs. 17,00,000. However, I am told that you should be able to pick it up for something in the range of fourteen to fifteen lakhs.

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