Leaked Screenshots: Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1 Mondo Build 14.0.4417.1000

Microsoft has been a victim of numerous leaks. The beta 1 of Microsoft Office 2010 codenamed Mondo was leaked in August. It turns out that another Mondo build has made its way to the internet.

Here are some screenshots of the latest Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1 Mondo Build 14.0.4414.1000. If you are looking to download the leaked builds, you may want to wait for a while. Microsoft will be releasing a public beta of Office 2010 shortly. You can download and test the latest version once they become available.

office_2010_product_key_activation office_2010_installation_complete

office_2010_anytime_upgrade office_2010_anytime_upgrade_packages






Images via Wzor

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