[Rumor] Google Loses Its Maps and Wave Ninja to Facebook

Google took a giant leap of faith when it launched Wave. Wave was one of those features that fell a few inches short of fame because the world was not ready for it. Now, it is finally being made to RIP. Another service from Google Maps has risen in popularity and has undoubtedly become the best service in is niche. Fact is both these service teams were led by  Lars Rasmussen. However, Google has recently lost Rasmussen and word is he is headed to Facebook.

The speculations of him joining Facebook have been fueled by the fact that Lars Rasmussen has made this announcement on Facebook itself. However, both Facebook and Google have not replied on this matter or announced the matter themselves. Facebook’s response on this matter stands as,

As matter of policy, we do not comment on potential employees until they start.

That means, he might start soon and Facebook will make an official announcement only then. This can be a score for Facebook over Google as Facebook can make use of some location and maps services now to make its social network service better. We will wait to see what Rasmussen cooks up at Facebook.


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