Lady Gaga Has More Fans Than Obama On Both Facebook and Twitter!

If you think President Obama has a huge following, think again. Lady Gaga beats Obama hands down, at least on Facebook. With 10.4 Million Facebook fans compared to the 9.7 Million for Obama, Lady Gaga’s Facebook page is a living proof of her ever growing popularity.

However, Facebook is not the only social media portal the singer has taken over. According to a social media analytics company Visible Measures, Lady Gaga is the only current music artist to reach 1 Billion views on YouTube. Some of her videos have individually reached hundreds of millions of views; for example video for her song Bad Romance currently has 238 Million views.  Not to forget, she also commands 4.7 Million followers on Twitter, again beating President Obama who just has 4.5 Million followers.

Lady Gaga’s fans on Facebook recently also organized a National Lady Gaga day that ended up having more than 100,000 attendees.With a pro-active social media marketing strategy, Lady Gaga has added millions of people to her fan following in no time. It is a great example of how cutting edge technology and real-time interaction with fans can help you even more than the traditional mediums of marketing.

[Via Mashable]

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