Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Raid Video Revealed

Back in January 2012, the U.S government shutdown the popular file sharing website Megaupload and arrested it’s rich founder Kim Dot Com. The arrest made a lot of news because Megaupload was a very popular service used by millions of users and it also led to several other file sharing websites shutting down.

Kim Dotcom

While Kim Dotcom was freed on bail in February 2012, the popular file sharing site is still shutdown prompting the users to sue the FBI.

In latest developments, a New Zealand high court said that the warrants issued against Kim Dotcom did not hold merit and was invalid. However, the U.S. is still looking to deport the Dot Com Mogul back to the United States to face criminal justice.

While the case is still ongoing, a video of the armed raid at Kim Dotcom’s mansion in New Zealand was released online. The raid was organized by the New Zealand police in cooperation with the United States FBI and Just Department among others. The video below reveals how the armed cops stormed Dotcom’s mansion with guns, helicopters and attack dogs. It almost seemed like a Hollywood movie.

Dotcom alleges that he was manhandled by the cops, however, the video does not show everything and just focuses on how the armed cops got into the house. More updates on the arrest and developments can be found at Wikipedia.

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