Kim Dotcom Planning on Bringing Back a Bigger and Better Megaupload

The US Government vs. Kim Dotcom showdown is turning in favor of Kim Dotcom slowly. Kim Dotcom is an internet celebrity with a notorious reputation. He rose to fame during the dot-com bubble, and had one successful venture after another. He was arrested for insider trading in 2003 and served two years in prison. After his prison time, Kim changed his name from Kim Schmitz to Kim Dotcom in 2005. He also founded Megaupload Limited around the same time. Megaupload ran successfully for the next six years, becoming the 13th most popular website worldwide. However, the US government shut down the Megaupload business on grounds of copyright infringement, and his house in New Zealand was raided and his property seized.


This is the second time Kim Dotcom has been intimidated by police authorities, and this time, his Megaupload venture has been shut down as well. Kim Dotcom is very upset, and he has embarked upon a journey to take revenge.

This time, he is planning to relaunch Megaupload, but with an infrastructure that cannot be taken down easily. He is calling it the new Mega.

Kim’s plans are moving fast, as he is already offering early access to the Mega API for developers. The new Mega will use encryption to protect data from prying eyes. Kim Dotcom’s hearing is due next year, and he has all the time in the world until then, to focus on the New Mega. Recently, he claimed another victory as his frozen funds were partially released by the New Zealand court.


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