Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Is Now The Most Watched YouTube Video Ever

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Is Now The Most Watched YouTube Video Ever

You can either love Justin Bieber or hate him, but you just can’t ignore him. The teenage pop star’s music video “Baby” is now the most watched video on YouTube. After fighting it out for the past few days, Bieber has finally displaced the reigning champion Lada Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. At the moment, Bad Romance has 247,146,961 views, while Baby has 249,386,942 views.


Justin Bieber’s supremacy is not restricted to YouTube. Earlier, his dominance on Twitter had forced the micro-blogging service to change its trending topics algorithm. He has also been declared as the most searched celebrity on the web.

The aforementioned videos are embedded below. Go ahead and knock yourself out. By the way, if any of you manage to decipher exactly what’s so captivating about Bieber’s music, feel free to enlighten us.

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  • Haleema

    Justin Bieber is just sooo amazing! I love him, he is so adorable! His music is really like 'the best' aswell. His music vid for 'Baby' is one really big hit of his, therefore so many views! He has almost 4 millions followers on Twitter and I am one of them..:) x

  • I think it's so funny to see music videos be the most viewed on YouTube. Maybe MTV should think about putting vids on tv more regularly. There is an obvious need? Matt Cutts recently tweeted about his amazement that Mexico MTV is so popular in Mexico, and actually plays music vids, haha. Definitely got me thinking about the same thing when I read this blog post.

  • jessie

    omg i love justin bieber he is sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i love his song "baby" is awesome!!!!!!!

  • tiara

    ok so u want to no what the hype is on justin bieber is??

    1.hes totally cute

    2.usher brought him and who hasnt heard of usher

    3.his songs are from the heart and catchy

    4. he now has the biggest fan base in the WORLD!

    so thats just some of the reasons

  • tiara

    justin has 3,779,268 followers on twitter + HES HOTT

    • ama


  • Finally! I hope all the haters understand that going on the video to leave mean comments just makes him more succesful! :D

    • Stephen

      Yeah that's so true. There is a huge difference between fame and talent. This kid is a perfect example.

  • stella

    you rock justin bieber he is hot as. and awesome i LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER I AM A TRUE FANNNNNN!

  • It's pretty amazing at the actual number of views those videos get! Would be cool to see a break down by country to see just how much of that is from USA, vs the rest of the world also pitching in to increase the number of views. Either way I hope that the internet slowly takes over TV viewership like its already beginning to!

    Till then,


  • madeleine

    justin you are beutifull and stuped lo unico que sabes decir en español es hola y te quiero mi amor y tu madre no dijo que no a play boy

  • pop is pop..ular, if he had a lucky break good for him! At the end of the day he's just a cute kid with a cheese catchy song.

  • Heart

    I like the song but i hate the video…!!! I mean, i'm not a hater but if you're reading all the comments….you know everything is about: "I hate JB" then someone says: "@…how could you hate him?" then everybody starts fighting which is really annoying…!!!

  • ama

    i so dont know gurls like u. i mean ur gay and also smoke weed. WOW.. im starting to think the only reason why gurls like u is bcuz of ur STUPID MUSIC and ur FACE witch is ugly

    • strue

      hey! jb is not gay but u mit b
      n he is not ugly either like u

  • Cory

    JB’s vid has more dislikes than likes now on youtube….

    Tis a glorious day. One that should be written down for the generations to come.

  • OLA


    • OLA

      justin you are a beautiful boy and i love your songs

  • OLA

    justin you no nasti no strangeyou is pop star

    • I absolutely agree. I hate Justin Bieber tremendously badly. He has ruined and continues to ruin the lives of many. As well as that, he’s just an all-round bad person; he can’t sing, he hits children at laser -games and he earns money when we should be the ones earning it. I have even created a website (http://www.antijustinbieber.com/) out of my own money. Please help me promote it so that we can slow down Bieber’s career. There is no profit involved with this website. I’d just like it to go viral. Spread the word and like this page.. http://www.antijustinbieber.com/.

  • OLA

    i love you justin i love songsssssssssssssssssss

  • Raj

    given justin a pacifier so that he can stop singing and save the world from destruction

  • I love your songs Justin :-)

  • klajdi sokoli

    I love jou jestin biber zeer

  • mmithi

    i have listen the song biber it is awesome

  • Hossein(Iran)

    Hi >>>>>>> Justin Bieber = Enrique Iglesias

  • Your songs is wonderful . Your biggest fan kishan Your songs is wonderful . Your biggest fan kishan