Jury Rules That Google Hasn’t Infringed Oracle Patents With Android

In the Google-Oracle billion dollar lawsuit case, the jury has come out with its decision: Google has not infringed Oracle’s patents with Android. Oracle was looking to get $6 billion from the lawsuit. However, now it will go home without the billions.

Previously, the jury found Google partially guilty over copying 9 lines of code. Google admitted to copying them and had already since then have removed them. It’s interesting to note that Oracle had also agreed that those 9 lines of code didn’t have any monetary value.

Google issued the following statement after the jury’s decision on their side:

Today’s jury verdict that Android does not infringe Oracle’s patents was a victory not just for Google but the entire Android ecosystem.


However the lawsuit is far from over. The judge will still have to decide on whether the SSO of the Java APIs can be copyrighted and then the jury will have to decide the damages if the judge finds that the SSO is not covered under copyright law. If it is not then Oracle will receive statutory damages from Google for the rangeCheck and test file usage, a maximum of $150,000 per infringement count. Nevertheless this is a huge victory for Google.

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