Julian Assange: TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year

The WikiLeaks whistleblower has finally made it to the list of candidates for TIME’s 2010 person of the year and there is a good chance that he will win it too.

Disclosing 250,000 confidential government documents pisses off many important and dangerous people and a stunt of this intensity needs some considerable guts. It seems like Julian Assange is a moral police, wanting to tame everything concerning the US banks, governments, military you name it.

Assange is at 80,000 votes into the race for the TIME’s 2010 person of the year. This page gives a brief description of his work and why he should be given the award.

The TIME website article talking about this writes,

Assange’s exploits have cemented him as a candidate for TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year — so much so that past TIME 100 honores went out on a limb to explain why he was their choice.

and describes Julian Assange as,

He is a new kind of whistle-blower: one made for the digital age.

The complete list of TIME’s person of the year nominations can be seen here. With the support of past TIME’s 100 honores, Assange has a fair chance of winning against the likes of Larry King, ¬†Miriam Were and ¬†Shannon Tavarez.

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