Julian Assange Under Threat of Extradition from the British Ecuadorian Embassy

After turning world-politics upside down, Julian Assange sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK. However, things got tense earlier today, when police forces started appearing outside the embassy in large numbers, possibly to arrest Assange. Assange sought political refuge from Ecuador, after a British court ordered his extradition to Sweden. He has been in the embassy for two months now.


The Ecuadorian Government has not made any statement yet, but it will announce its decision on Assange’s refuge plea at 10 PM AEST today. Meanwhile, WikiLeaks came out with a report stating that the UK Government is threatening Ecuador to forcefully enter its embassy and arrest Assange. This would be in violation of the Geneva Convention laid down by the UN, but the UK is justifying this act with its own Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act of 1987.

Assange has upset the entire world with his investigative journalism and release of a series of video tapes and letters pertaining to political, economic and war scandals in countries like the USA, Afghanistan, a few African nations and even India. Since then, the US government has been trying to get its hands on Assange over the infamous incident involving Bradley Manning’s tip-off to WikiLeaks. Though finally, it looks like they will succeed as once Assange is moved out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, he can be extradited to many other countries.

It is amusing to see that the US is playing a double standard card here, as it itself grants refuge to troubled journalists from other oppressive regimes like China. It will be interesting to see how long the US waits to grab hold of Assange.

Update: Ecuador has granted asylum to Julian Assange, but the British police is still keen on arresting him and handing him over to the Swedish government.

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