Julian Assange Threatens To Open Pandora’s Box

Julian Assange has finally managed foolproof insurance so that the US government cannot want him dead now. He has threatened to name key Arab leaders with CIA ties, a move that will seriously jeopardize American efforts and strongholds in the Middle East.

According to this report from Business Insider, the CIA Arab ties were claimed by Assange in an Al-Jazeera interview. He has also claimed that there are files waiting and set to leak automatically in case Assange is captured or killed. If the leak happens, there can be massive turmoil in world politics. Political ties will break and many American secret operatives in the Middle East will be compromised.

After this move, Julian Assange has been condemned as dangerous by even more people since the documents that will be released in case of his capture are critical for security. Assange has also revealed some fact on Arab leaders saying,

We have more files dealing with defense issues of Central Europe, but I or my staff didn’t have the time to go through all of them. What is being published by the five media partners of WikiLeaks are publishing only those details which they think are interesting for their readers. There are some Arab officials who are stealing’ oil of their countries. We need these media partners to focus more on this issue.

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