John Lilly Enjoys His Last Few Days As Mozilla CEO

Mitchell Baker, the Mozilla foundation chairwoman and the ex-CEO of Mozilla Foundation has announced recently that John Lilly will step down as CEO of Mozilla Foundation and will move to Greylock Partners as a venture capitalist.

This development will be seen later this year and that will mark the end of the two years term of John Lilly as the Mozilla Foundation CEO and his five years term as a Mozilla member.

John Lilly writes about this saying,

I just announced internally that after 5 years at Mozilla, and a couple as the CEO, I’ve decided to leave later this year to join Greylock Partners as a venture partner. I’ll be in my role here at Mozilla until we conclude a successful search for a new CEO, and intend to stay involved and on the Board of Directors.  I’ll have more to say about Mozilla over the next few months as we go through transition — I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done over the last several years, and very optimistic about what the future holds.

John Lilly was the COO of Mozilla before becoming the CEO and throughout his term in Mozilla, he has worked towards bettering Mozilla Foundation with innovative projects and ideas.

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