James Gosling tells us why he quit Oracle

There was a time when James Gosling was living a life of pride. His company Sun Microsystems was on a good head start and Java was moving closer to being a decisive platform in the world of programming. In the midst of all this, Sun forgot to manage their income source and invest in some finance improvement. Result: Sun came plummeting down and Oracle took the opportunity in buying it.

James Gosling, the lead Java developer gave an exclusive interview to eWeek outlining these details;

Just about anything, I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good. There is actually a long list of things that played into my leaving Oracle; here were things like my salary offer. After getting my offer from them, I tried to figure out what my compensation would be like on my W-2 form and it was a major hit. They copied my base salary!

The reason as given by James Gosling is,

Oracle is an extremely micromanaged company. Therefore, I and my peers in the Java area were not allowed to decide anything. All of our authority to decide anything evaporated.

Oracle has full power and authority over the intellectual property of Java and this upsets James Gosling.


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