James Gosling, the Java Founder Resigns From Oracle

James Gosling, who was the CTO of Oracle’s Client Software Group has resigned from his post. The reasons for this resignation are not yet announced, but Gosling is reported to have said,

As to why I left, it’s difficult to answer: just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good.

Gosling has held the office of CTO for both Sun Microsystems and Oracle. He led a small team of developers into creating Java, the programming language which has been recorded as the top programming language in the Tiobe index for several years in a row.

This resignation follows the likes of Tim Bray and Jonathan Schwartz. Just last month, Gosling made some positive remarks on what Oracle is doing with Java. Though, he also raised concerns on the Java Community Process.

This resignation does not come as a surprise to many as they were expecting it sooner.  After the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle is doing Sun more harm than good. The deal was loss making for both Sun and Oracle but the future after the deal could have been a lot better. Though, the statement made by Gosling is highly controversial. We will see more light on this incident and know the exact details once James Gosling comes clean about it.

(Via: BusinessWeek)

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