ITC Judge Finds Apple Did Not Violate Four HTC Patents

Back in June, it was reported that a  patent dispute  had been going on between Apple and HTC. The judge found that HTC had indeed been infringing upon two of Apple’s patents, and initially had ruled in Apple’s favor. Then,  Bloomberg reported  that HTC is interested in striking a deal with Apple for the patent dispute between the companies.  FOSS Patents  pointed  out that these two patent infringements could put Android in serious trouble.

Apple vs HTC

In addition,  Bloomberg said  in a separate report that the battle between Apple and Google had started to heat up. Apple contributed to a consortium of $2.6 billion towards the  acquisition of Nortel’s patents, which  outbid Google with a total of $4.5 billion. The report revealed that Google and Apple both bidded  for patents from the mobile technology company InterDigital. Question: how could a company that claims to be  innovating  and not stealing be this desperate for patents?

Today, a judge with the U.S.  Trade Commission ruled against HTC in a patent infringement lawsuit it filed against Apple. The judge found that Apple was not violating the four patents related to power management and phone dialing, according to Reuters. A final decision will be made to uphold or reject the judge’s decision on February 17th.  Analyst Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets said Apple’s victory is yet another positive for the company, as it has found continued legal success against Android device makers.

Currently, Apple is also involved in many legal disputes with Samsung.

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