Is Twitter Thinking of a Data Center of its Own or NTT is Building One For Twitter?

The first ever Twitter Chirp developer conference which was held on Wednesday this week, saw the release of some decisive stats. Updates from the conference are available at this earlier post. However, some more news from the conference has surfaced recently.

Stats show that Twitter is generating 55 million tweets a day and has over 100 million registered users. That size is  comparable to that of Facebook and there is a wide possibility that now, Twitter will have its own data center just like Facebook. John Adams, one of the operations engineers of Twitter made this announcement at the Chirp Developer Conference.

Twitter started out in the cloud and later moved to the NTT to host its servers. The cloud service, although sounded impressive, had many drawbacks in reality.

NTT has leased 15,000 square feet in Santa Clara where it will expand its data center. Twitter’s success and the expansion of its host (NTT) indicate that this new unit at Santa Clara is being created because of Twitter.

Twitter traffic has grown 1,358 percent over the last year and whether Twitter develops its own data center or uses the expanded NTT unit, it will definitely help solve the problem of occasional downtime problems of Twitter.

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