Is Tumblr The Next Big Thing?

Tumblr is nothing new; it has been around for a few years now and has gradually increased in popularity as a feature-rich yet quick blogging platform. However, something that has significantly changed for Tumblr in past few weeks is the entry of a number of traditional media giants.

After utilizing Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing and real-time interaction with users, lots of large newspapers, magazines and TV shows have created a Tumblr blog. Included in the list are Newsweek, NewYorkTimes, TheNewYorker, Life Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Travel Channel and even The Today Show. So are these prestigious media outlets really seeing something unique and useful in Tumblr as a platform or are they just trying to make an early entry in what they are guessing to be the next big thing?


One of the most important reasons for Tumblr’s popularity is the casual and easy-to-use platform, something which is really useful for an average user but is hardly important for a big organization with lots of resources. The only thing that makes Tumblr unique from other blogging platforms are the interactive features that let users follow other users and quickly re-post their content. Given the popularity of the following phenomenon seen at Twitter, these large organizations are probably convinced that Tumblr is going to raise in popularity over time and even if it doesn’t come close to Twitter and Facebook, it will probably be the next best thing.

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