Is The Government Reading Your Tweets?

It is more than speculation that organizations like CIA and FBI have access to most of the content we post online. However, exactly how much they know and how much they are supposed to know is something debatable.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an organization that takes digital and social media privacy very seriously? They want to know how much access does the government agencies have. Can they see our private Facebook photos? Can they read our tweets? What about our direct messages on Twitter?

When EFF didn’t get a response from the Govt regarding the policies, they began seeking a court order to force government to fully disclose their policies about the use and monitoring of social media websites. EFF filed the suit in a San Francisco district court a few days ago and here is the full 8 page complaint.

What do you think about this whole issue? Should government be allowed to read your social media content if it is classified as private?

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