Is The End of Email Nearing? Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Thinks So!

The technologies of tomorrow are decided and framed to appease the youths of today. With that, we see the good old days of email are done away and youngsters are moving to faster, easier and more informal modes of communication.


The same vision is shared by Sheryl Sandbreg, the COO of Facebook. At the recent  Nielsen’s Consumer 360 conference, she made a statement saying,

If you want to know what people like us will do tomorrow, you look at what teenagers are doing today. E-mail–I can’t imagine life without it–is probably going away.

She has revealed statistic saying only a 11% of today’s teenagers are sending out Emails though, a larger section of them are opting for faster, crisper and content rich forms of communication, like Twitter, SMS messages and social networks.

This is changing the way things have worked in the past though, now it is opening doors for better communication in the world of business. A an example, I have seen the Dell Twitter account respond to user complaints faster than conventional Email style communication. This goes a long way into managing and establishing a brand.

Though, in my opinion, the good old Email still works for me. The end of Email might be nearing though, it has evolved from being simple mail management to a complete account management. Email might still live, but in a different form.


(Image Source: JGooders Blog)

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  • Wow life without emails would be sort of incomplete don’t you think? . I am a teenager my self I use Facebook too but……Emails coming to it’s end is not going to happens soon and you mark my words on it.

  • With all due respect to Ms Sandberg, the basis of her argument is entirely invalid. She seems to think if teenagers are not using email now, they won't use it when they hit the workforce. When these teenagers become attorneys, executives, etc., they will need communicate with their clients, employees, and partners, and it's highly unlikely they will do so through text messages. Unless there's another medium that will replace email (corporate intranets for example, but we've been talking about that for years and it still hasn't happened), this is the only way to transfer digital documents, something teenagers aren't and shouldn't be concerned about at their current age.

  • err.. teenagers will grow and then use much mature medium.