Is Google Going to Rename Their programming Language?

We recently told you about GO, the new programming language introduced by Google. GO is a great initiative by Google that can bring developers closer by offering them a multi-purpose and open-source language for all their development needs.

However, there is just a slight problem. There already exists a programming language called GO. The language GO was introduced by a programmer Francis McCabe back in 2003 and a number of articles and books have been published on it. So what will Google do now?

Well, the smart thing would be to rename their language because the biggest problem they are going to be facing is the conflict in search engine results when users search for GO. People might think that a particular line of code belongs to Google’s GO while it really belongs to McCabe’s GO.

Secondly, it would be the right and ethical thing to do. Google cannot and should not take over the name just because it has the power to do so. The issue is also being discussed heavily on GO’s page and is seeing interesting arguments from both the sides.

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