Is Apple Acquiring ARM? ARM Clarifies With a Big ‘No’

Despite of all the speculation on Apple buying ARM, which generated a lot of buzz over the blogosphere, we were waiting for the inside scoop and it has appeared on eWeek finally. It is confirmed that Apple is not buying ARM and there are a good number of reasons for that.

This news has been confirmed by ARM itself.

How this affected Apple?

This news has not affected Apple at all. Apple, which clearly had no intentions to buy ARM took the backseat and enjoyed this drama. There were many speculations on why Apple should and should not buy ARM. The best one was that ARM is an investment of $8 billion to acquire a technology which is pretty much open and needs sharing to thrive. Apple could either attempt to stop this sharing which would send down ARM revenue or it could just buy and keep ARM as a souvenir, sit on it and keep losing money on it.

How this affected ARM?

ARM is the only one with a benefit from this deal which was not made. ARMs low stock prices rose up so high, it recorded an eight years high. ARM’s business design is such that it will thrive only if it runs on the current model.

How this affected Intel?

Intel, which could not make its ARM killer into a success now seems like the most suitable one to buy ARM. Now, Intel has an advantage of being in the same field already. So, it is more appropriate if Intel sets out to buy ARM.

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