The End of IPv4 As We Know It and the Onset of IPv6, this YouTube Video Sums It Up

IPv4 is a thing of the past as of this month. The IP address reserve for IPv4 dropped to 5% in October last year and the sudden increase in the number of mobile devices and the increasing awareness towards using the Internet has exponentially increased the number of connected computers all over the world. The result- an IP adddress fiasco.

The only savior in this situation is IPv6 and we all are turning to it. Google has decided to try out IPv6 with Facebook, Akamai and other major players on the Internet. The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is a tedious job. The existing routers do not have all capabilities for this and now that it is more of a compulsion than an option, any further network changes will incur a huge cost for organizations.

Even more worrying, is the fact that current implementations of IPv6, which amount to less than 1% of the total Internet hosts is quite imperfect. On the 8th of June, Google, Facebook and Akamai will generate some interesting statistics on the usage of IPv6 that will lay the foundation for usage of this new protocol.

This YouTube video will sum up everything that led to this fiasco and has done it in style. You can also check these reactions from Geekosystem(Internet to Reach Critical Mass Within Weeks ) and Network World(Farewell IPv4; We Hardly Knew Ye ).

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