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Watch iPhone 4 Press Conference in California online. Live Audio updates for iPhone 4 conference. iPhone 4 Conference July 16, 2010 live updates and feeds.

Apple is holding a Press Conference about the presumably to address concerns about the signal "Death Grip" issues, plaguing them since the 4 launched last month. Apple has sold over 3 million units since launch, and many if not all of them have an issue where the signal bar drops if you hold the phone in a certain way.

A bumper cases is said to resolve the issue, but is not clear whether Apple might be forced to recall the iPhone 4 units or provide free bumper cases to everyone. Also, it is not clear at this time whether Steve Jobs himself will be talking at the conference or not.


Apple has been dodging the iPhone 4 reception issues by asking users to hold the iPhone 4 differently and also addressing the public through an open letter about the reception issues. However, a recent Consumer Reports article which asked users to avoid the iPhone 4 has not yet gotten any response from Apple.

Many users thought that a software update may resolve the issues, however, which was made available earlier does not solve reception issues with the iPhone 4, however, iOS 4.0.1 does solve the signal bar issue to a certain extent. It will be interesting to see what Apple and Steve Jobs have to say at the conference.

Apple usually does not allow live streaming of the conference, but there are several other ways in which you can stay on top of the Apple iPhone 4 press conference on Friday, July 16, 2010 to be held in California.

Lucky folks from Engadget get to attend the conference live, which you can follow at Engadget Live. Mac Rumors may also cover the press conference live and you can view the updates at http://www.macrumorslive.com/. In addition to that our favorite site GDGT may also cover the event which you can view updates for at http://live.gdgt.com/. All Things D a popular site will also cover the conference live, which you can follow by visiting this link.

Audio streams for the iPhone 4 press conference will be available at http://live.twit.tv/, you can also follow the updates on by following @macrumorslive.

More options to get updates on the Apple iPhone 4 press conference will be added once they become available, we will also try to add some video streams if they are available later on.

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