iPad Launching Internationally on May 28th, Indian Customers Will Have To Wait More!

The announcement came officially from Apple earlier today. iPad has only been available to US customers as of now and be launching in  UK, Canada, Italy, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and  Switzerland on the 28th of this month. Sorry India and China, you’ll have to wait a little more.

Pre-ordering of iPad for these countries will become available on May 10th and the prices will probably be announced at the same time. Apple has already sold over a Million iPad devices in the US and with this international launch, the numbers are gonna go crazy. Almost 5000 apps have already been developed exclusively for iPad and the more than 200,000 iPhone apps are also usable on the iPad. Apple also claims that iPad users have downloaded more than 12 million apps so far and over 1.5 million eBooks have been downloaded to iPads.

Come July and another nine countries will see iPad. These include Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand and  Singapore. Do you think Apple should’ve made the launch in more countries simultaneously? Tell us in the comments if you are planning to buy one.

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