The New Price For iPad: $499 and a Finger?

When 59 year old Bill Jordan went to get his iPad from the local Apple store, he paid a little more than the agreed price of $499. As the story goes, when the Denver resident left Apple store with his prized gadget, he had his fingers wrapped around the device so he doesn’t drop it. Little did he know that somebody more enthusiastic than him has been stalking him. As soon as the thief got a chance, he got into a physical struggle with Bill Jordan to snatch his iPad.

As crazy as it sounds, the thief tried so hard that in addition to the iPad, he was able to tore some flesh off the pinky. The finger had to be amputated to prevent further damage. The police, however, has caught the event on a surveillance camera and is trying to catch the culprit. Here is a picture of Bill Jordan after the incident:


The funniest part of the story is that Bill Jordan didn’t even know what an iPad is; rather, his company told him to get one as a business gift to a co-worker. Denver Crime Stoppers are offering a reward of $2000 to anybody who can lead to the capture of this iPad culprit. Am I the only one who thinks this iPad craze is going a bit too far? Below is the video from one of the surveillance cameras showing the incident:

[Image Credit: Mashable]

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