iPad Commercial During The Oscars

iPad Commercial During The Oscars

The is coming on the 3rd of April with pre-orders beginning on March 12th. However, Steve Jobs and Apple in general are leaving no stone unturned to get people’s attention, and what better way than the Oscars when millions of people are watching television?

Well, if you haven’t been watching the Oscars or missed the commercial breaks, here is an advertisement which aired during the Oscars 2010 award ceremony.

Looking at the commercial, I certainly would not want to own this piece of hardware. Apple definitely managed to make the iPad look more gaudy than it really is, way to go Apple. Or is is it really that bad? Would you buy the iPad after watching this commercial?

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  • cleve

    You are an idiot. The ipad looks awesome.

  • cleve

    You are a tool. The ipad looks awesome.

  • Poopdeck Willy

    Ummm… i cannot see the video and im at school and this really bugs me. i just wanna see the new iPad commercial and this stupid server barely lets me see any websites.


    Jeff Gross