Introducing Two Great New Authors For Techie Buzz

There is a time when you want to give more than you can give to your readers. At Techie Buzz we thought about it and finally took the plunge. There were few things which we wanted to change and one of them was providing you with more variety.

What more appropriate than having new people who can give you much more than what this site has already been providing you with, a different variety of opinions. In that path we are glad to introduce to you two new and brilliant authors who have been blogging about technology and have been quite popular at it.

Breaking the suspense let me introduce you to the two new authors who will be writing for Techie Buzz. This definitely adds to my own excitement and I hope that you will too welcome them into the family. Please give me the privilege to bring to you….

Shankar Ganesh

Shankar is one of my Internet pals who I have known from quite sometime. He is a brilliant author and writes at his Personal Tech Blog where he makes life easier for computer users and also imparts cute little tricks that would help even geeks like us.

I was hooked on to reading his blog since I read about a simple tweak on getting a RSS note that I still use on my blog. In addition to that Shankar is exceptional, his review about the beta version of Firefox 3 was one of the best I have ever read.

Shankar is still studying and puts in time to blog. I am quite against the quote he put up on his about page "I’m not a geek, just a learner", I believe we are the learners and he is quite a geek.I am glad that I have him on board at Techie Buzz.

You can catch up with Shankar on his personal blog and also get all the tech news at your own leisure by subscribing to his RSS feeds.


Karthik aka K-InTheHouse is the second author who will be enriching your experience at Techie Buzz. Karthik writes on his personal blog Shankri-la where he imparts upon you a host of information about technology. My meeting with K was just by chance and ever since I have known him I have been amazed by what he can write about.

If you are a WordPress user then you should definitely read K’s 65+ WordPress plugin post which includes the best plugins from across the plugin directory.

K is 29 years old but his blog definitely looks much younger :D. Hope you don’t mind K. I am thrilled to have him join the team.

You can catch up with K-InTheHouse on his personal blog and also get all the tech news at your own leisure by subscribing to his RSS feeds.

As a footnote if you want to write for Techie Buzz drop us a note and we will get in touch with you. Hoping you enjoy the new authors and welcome them into the Techie Buzz family.

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