"Internet" Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize 2010

Don’t get surprised or awed if you see "Internet" climb the podium to collect the Nobel Peace Prize award in 2010. In a somewhat bizarre nomination process, the Noble Prize selection committee has actually nominated "Internet" as a nominee for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize award.

Internet Nobel Peace Prize Award 2010

According to media reports, the Internet was nominated by the Italian version of the Wired magazine for promoting dialogue, debate and consensus through communication.

It’s unclear though whether they would stretch as far as to honor the Internet, as proposed by the Italian version of Wired magazine, which cited its use as a tool to advance "dialogue, debate and consensus through communication" and to promote democracy. – cite Forbes

Whether "Internet" wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 or not, we will definitely wait with bated breath for the results, since Internet has definitely changed the way we do things and communicate with others, it will only be befitting to reward it with a prize of such honor.

What do you think of this nomination? Has the Internet changed your life in any way? Do let me know through your comments.

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  • An organisation can be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. But Internet is not an “entity” and there is no single inventor of it. Indirectly, if Bill Gates were to lay a claim to it, then it will go to an undeserving person, like last year the Nobel Peace Prize went to Barrack Obama and instead of Peace lecture the puppet president gave a war lecture.
    Also, there are certain norms laid down about nomination.

    Now read the following to get a better understanding how the Nobel Committees function.

    Dr. Leo Rebello’s profound, factual, sad comments on Nobel Medicine Prize 2010.
    Written and released worldwide on 5th October 2010

    There was a discussion between small girls on how babies are born. Most girls said “stork brought me”.
    One smarty said “I was born in mother’s tummy”. A girl who was always kind, gentle, playful and loving
    replied profoundly, “I was born in mother’s heart”. She was the adopted one.

    Now the small ones will say, I am a designer baby (Aishwarya Rai); I am a test tube baby (Mahatma Gandhi),
    I am a lab baby (Barack Obama, whose origin whether he is an American, Kenyan or Indonesian is shrouded
    in doubt like the decision to give him the Nobel Peace Prize last year); I am an Assembly line, conveyor
    belt or technology baby (made to join the American Army to terrorise the world). Hence, Pope is right
    in taking objection to the Medicine Nobel Jury’s another bungling decision.

    With the Medicine Nobel going to Dr. Robert Edwards, the IVF business will grow astronomically, like the arms
    sale in the name of terrorism. With 1 in 10 couples in the world being infertile and about 20 million infertile
    couples living in India alone, that is a big, big business.

    The official press release dated 4th October, 2010 issued by Karolinska Institutet says: “Approximately four million
    individuals have been born thanks to IVF. Louise Brown and several other IVF children have given birth to children
    themselves; this is probably the best evidence for the safety and success of IVF therapy. Today, Robert Edwards’
    vision is a reality and brings joy to infertile people all over the world”. Wikipedia records, “This breakthrough laid the
    groundwork for further innovations such as intracytoplasmatic sperm injection, embryo biopsy, and stem cell research”.
    What the Wikipedia will not record and which I have recorded in my book World Without Wars (nominated for
    Peace Nobel 2010) on page 412 is : “… if it means modifying human embryos, designer babies, cloning and germline
    genetic engineering, concentration on altering the human body leading to tragic consequences of atomized individualism
    and body commodification within a consumer culture…. and the Human Genome Project, then I would caution by recalling
    the old saying, don’t approach a horse from behind”.

    Incidentally, the second test tube baby was created in India, barely 67 days later without any of the huge grants
    or facilities that Edwards and his colleague gynecologist Patrick Steptoe (now no more) enjoyed in UK. According to
    the Indian Council of Medical Research, through Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay’s effort IVF baby was born in Kolkota
    India on October 3, 1978. So, why the Nobel Medicine Jury did not consider Dr. Mukhopadhyay as the joint
    winner? Does not this prove manipulation? Infact, this science of replication was known to Indians, centuries ago.
    From a single gene they created 100 male and 1 female Kauravas, through gene splicing technique. Read the details
    in the Indian historical epic called the Mahabharat.

    On the one hand the West is concerned about India’s and China’s overpopulation and they always try to reduce
    it (through notorious population control program); on the other hand, they will add 20 million and more babies
    now through IVF technology, in India alone.

    There is no over population in the world, because mother Earth knows its carrying capacity. It is a ‘population
    concentration’ problem and it can easily be solved by ‘population distribution’ by borderless world government.
    But they are only working towards a New World (Business) Order and passing draconian laws to quash the
    coming revolution.

    So QED: The Medicine Nobel is given, looking at the business potential — not science. Some years ago, some one
    got the Medicine Nobel for identifying the Gene responsible for sneezing because they wanted the Tami Flu,
    nasal vaccine/spray sales to boost to trillion dollars. But we exposed the con. I wrote to the Medicine Nobel
    Committee at Karolinska Intitutet in Stockholm teasingly, that in a few years time the Medicine Nobel can be
    given to the inventor of gene responsible for farting — the root cause of global warming !!!

    Incidentally, I last visited the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm in 1996 and spent two half-days with them —
    half day at the Nobel Foundation main office and half day at the Karolinska Institutet, where the Nobel
    Medicine Committee sits. I gave them some of my books on Holistic Healing modalities and brought to their
    notice that every year the Nobel Medicine is given ONLY to the pseudo science called Allopathy, when there
    is a provision in the Nobel’s Will that the Prize can be split into three. Therefore, how about Holistic Healing
    modalities like Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Homeopathy, I asked and suggested that the Nobel Prize in Medicine
    should compulsorily be divided into two streams – Orthodox and Alternative Medicine or CAM (misnomer).
    They asked me why CAM is misnomer. I replied misnomer because the medicine mafia has realised that
    Holistic Healing Therapies are effective, safer and cheaper and hence they wish to camouflage the damage
    done by antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation, vaccines by giving these Alternative or Complementary treatment.
    Now you know why superior healers of AM are NOT getting the Medicine Nobel?

    Check this fact: On Medicine Nobel Jury there are only Medical Donkeys — MDs in short — not a single
    scholar/scientist of Oriental Medicine, Alternative Medicine or an expert like me who specialises in A to Z of
    Holistic Healing Therapies. For more details see my original contribution AIDS & Alternative Medicine book.

    You may not like this strong observation — but it is very relevant to this discussion. Like America is run by the
    Jewish mafia, world media is run by the Jewish mafia, even Nobel Foundation is full of Jewish mafia. If you
    do not believe me — check their website and you will note that over 80% Nobel Prizes go to Jews and Americans.

    Alfred Nobel must be squirming in the grave yard, because he wanted to atone for his invention by instituting
    prizes that will save the world through Alternative Paradigm.

    In conclusion – rather than infertile couples producing babies artificially, why not adopt the real ones? Like the
    profound statement of the adopted little girl — I was born in the heart of my mother. Open up your hearts infertile
    couples — I hope your hearts too are not infertile. And my one rule for adoption — do not adopt the baby which
    you like, let the baby which jumps at you be adopted. It is the baby’s right to choose the parents.


    Dr. Leo Rebello of Bombay, India is a world peace envoy, educator, author, holistic healer, and socially conscious world citizen.
    He has published 40 books, delivered over 15,000 lectures in 63 countries and been interviewed by the world media. He guides
    doctoral and post doctoral students. Email: [email protected] Tel. No. 91-22-28872741.