StatCounter Reports Internet Explorer Market Share is Dripping Below 50%

Internet Explorer may make a comeback with its latest version 9, which blasts off other browsers in canvas and HTML5 performance but it is still facing the aftereffect of a drip in the user base that started long ago. After providing years of crappy browsing experience and lagging performance, IE is finally ready to change things but its timing is too wrong as people have already started abandoning IE.

StatCounter reports say,

Microsoft IE fell to 49.87% in September followed by Firefox with 31.5%. Google’s Chrome continues to increase market share at an impressive rate and has more than tripled from 3.69% in September 2009 to 11.54% in September this year.

The recent awareness of people about web browsers and an increasing larger section of computer savvy people opting for web SaaS instead of desktop software have led us to become choosy about the web-browser we use.

While Gmail is accessed best using Google Chrome, most government and banking services work best with Firefox and Internet Explorer. In the midst of this, people are becoming aware about using alternatives and are amazed at the level of improvement they can come across using them.


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