Chrome and Safari Steal Users from Internet Explorer

Based on the 2010 reports from, the web browsers from Google and Apple have slowly been stealing users from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. In the chart below, we can see the trends over the last year. (chart by CNET)

This may be partly due to the new browser ballot in Windows 7 that is required in Europe. However, even if that’s true, Microsoft still has no excuse for it’s falling browser marketshare. When the beta version of IE9 was released in February, no affect was seen on the marketshare. We’ll have to wait to see what happens when the finished version is released.

The gains by Chrome and Safari came at the expense of Internet Explorer‘s dropping percentage, which ended the year at 57%, after starting above 60%. Google’s Chrome browser gained almost 5 points in 2010 and ended with 10% of the market. Safari gained about 1.5 points and ended at about 6%. Firefox and Opera remained about the same at 23% and 2%.

The question that we think most interesting is What browsers do Techie Buzz readers use?. Here’s a chart from Keith showing our data.

The Techie Buzz chart shows more readers using Firefox than Internet Explorer. Chrome users are in third place, followed by Safari and Opera. If we can assume that most technology sites have similar stats, this doesn’t look good for Microsoft.

It appears that the more people know, the less they use Internet Explorer. Many people feel that the crucial advantage to using Firefox and Chrome is that they are more easily customized by using Addons and Extensions. Do you think Opera’s adoption of extensions will help them steal share from Microsoft?

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  • Jasmine

    This is really not too surprising. I myself have switched to Firefox a couple of years ago although I do use IE and Chrome as secondary browsers. I love Firefox’s addons and themes.

  • CypherHackz

    I am not sure why there are still some people using IE when browsing the Internet. Even for my family, I recommend them to use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Never ever use IE.

  • Swamykant

    I too recommend user to use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome because they are awesome. Chrome is taking the lead over all at a steady pace.

  • priyadarshinison


    good post………….

  • Andreas Pazer

    Currently in 2010 you have a range of choices regarding which browser you can surf the web with. Statistically as of June 2010 your most likely viewing this article in the Firefox browser. Firefox now holds around 46% of the market share with the dominance and monopoly of Internet Explorer, in all its various versions diminishing.

  • Thanks for all the comments everyone.

  • Fresno DUI Lawyer

    Firefox is much better the IE